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Brand Founder

Jayden Curmi is a 23 year-old, Maltese fashion designer. In the fashion industry Jayden goes by the name JAY, which also represents his brand. He is known for his statement pieces when it comes to fashion, especially for his use of tulle in a voluminous manner. As a designer, Jay works solo. He comes up with the ideas for his dresses, and he sees it through till the very end.

"This is why my job can be very time consuming, but also why it’s all the more rewarding."

Jay’s first complete design in 2019 was called, ‘Blue Storm’ which made his debut as a fashion designer and posted his very first creation on social media under the name ‘JAY’. Jay has other recent success stories related to his creations. He was highly praised for his ‘Purple Tulle Dress’ at the Malta Fashion Week. At such a young age, Jay is making waves both in the Maltese Islands and overseas.

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